2010 - 2011 Campus Planning

The Campus Planning Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 7.2.4):

  1. considers matters of faculty concern relating to long-range and physical planning;
  2. serves as Senate liaison with the Strategic Planning Commission and the Traffic Policy Committee;
  3. investigates problems arising from the condition or management of the physical environment on campus; and
  4. Senate will assign a member of this committee to serve on the University Council on the Safety of the Campus Community.
2010 - 2011 Campus Planning
Frank Aycock (Serves on Strategic Planning Commission)
Clay Jackson, Chair
Martha McCaughey
Tracie Salinas
Katherine Scharer
Matt Robinson (Spring 2011)

The Campus Planning Committee accomplished the following during the 2010-11 academic year:

1) Upon request from the Interim Provost, Campus Planning Committee drafted a 10 page report on potential impacts of potential future change from ASUs Carnegie rating as Masters’s/L designation to a future designation of Doctoral/Research University (DRU). Draft was submitted in Feb 2011.

2) Reviewed Campus Safety Council progress and draft resolution to establish a “Fit for Duty” policy. Subsequently, Campus Planning Committee proposed a resolution to the full Faculty Senate to oppose the existing draft of the “Fit for Duty” policy; resolution passed Senate in March 2011.

3) Reviewed various issues (Office spaces, parking, child care, science labs, etc.) on campus, and found most of these topics to be impracticable to affect under the current budgetary crisis. (Met with Vice Chancellor Lovins on 25 Jan 2011 regarding these topics). Recommend these items be re-examined in future, based on fiscal concerns.

4) Propose next year’s Campus Planning Committee examine the possibility to establishing a “Netflix” type of access to materials via the ASU library system.