Arts and Cultural Programs Advisory Committee 2017 - 2018

University Committee  --  Faculty Members Serve Three-Year Terms 

2017 - 2018
George H. OlsonLESCOE2016 - 2019
Janice PopeCOMFAA2016 - 2019
Susan WeinbergENGA&S2016 - 2019
Teresa LeeTHR/DANFAA2017 - 2020
Joe BoitnotteRMPEHS2015 - 2018
Elizabeth FiskeNURHS2015 - 2018
 Staff Senate Representative  
 Staff Senate Representative  
Holly HirstMATA&SMember-at-Large
Denise Ringler, DirectorArts and Cultural Programs Ex Officio
Sali Gill-JohnsonArts and Cultural Programs/Artist Relations Ex Officio
Christy ChenauskyArts and Cultural Programs/Arts Education Ex Officio
Anna GaugertArts & Cultural Programs Ex-Officio
Traci RoysterMulticultural Center Ex Officio
 President, Graduate Student Association Senate  
 Undergraduate Student 2017 - 2020
 Undergraduate Student 2017 - 2020
 Undergraduate Student 2017 - 2020
 Undergraduate Student 2017 - 2020
 Undergraduate Student 2017 - 2020
 Undergraduate Student 2017 - 2020

Previous Membership Lists:

Faculty Handbook: Arts And Cultural Programs Advisory Committee

(a) Members on Committee: 14–6 faculty, 2 staff, and 6 students. The associate vice chancellor for University communications and cultural affairs will convene the first meeting and facilitate the selection of a chair, or co-chairs, from among the voting members of the committee;

(b) report to: the associate vice chancellor for University Communications and Cultural Affairs;

(c) areas of responsibility: Advise and recommend on selection of artists for the Performing Arts Series.