Awards Committee 2017 - 2018

2017  -  2018DepartmentCollegeTerm
Paul OrkiszewskiLIBLIB2017-2020
Angie KoontzNURHS2017-2020
Nancy WilsonCHEA&S2017-2020
Erica SlateMATA&S2017-2020
Yu Ju WuARTFAA2017-2020
Margaret GregorLIBLIB2017-2020
Kevin KennedyLLCA&S2017-2020
Mary Ann HofmannACCCOB2017-2020
Karen CaldwellHPCCOE2017-2020
John RossMUSMUS2017-2020
Chris YangCOMFAA2017-2020
 Pam Kidder-AshleyPSYA&S2015-2018
 John DawsonECOCOB2015-2018
 Bo BolickRMPEHS2015-2018
 Diana MossC&ICOE2015-2018
 Tammie GeldermanStaff Senate 2017-2020
 Staff Senate  
Dakota ArmstrongUndergraduate Student  2017 - 2018
Erica LarsonGraduate Student


 2017 - 2018


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Previous Membership Lists:

Faculty Handbook: Awards Committee

(a) Members on Committee: 19–15 faculty (3 from Arts and Sciences, 2 from Business, 2 from Education, 2 from Fine and Applied Arts, 2 from Music, 2 from College of Health Sciences, and 2 from the Library); 2 staff; and 2 students (one undergraduate and one graduate). Faculty composition can be any faculty, including adjunct and part-time. In the event a member of the committee wishes to seek an award, an alternate from her/his area will be recommended to the Faculty Senate by the Committee on Committees to serve for the duration of the awards process. The chair of the Faculty Senate or his/her designee, willconvene the first meeting and facilitate the selection of a chair, or co-chairs, from among the voting members of the committee;

(b) report to: the provost and executive vice chancellor;

(c) areas of responsibility: selecting and facilitating University and external awards, including but not limited to: ASU teaching awards, the Board of Governors Awards for Excellence in Teaching, and the O. Max Gardner award.