Intellectual Property Development Advisory Council 2017-2018

Faculty Members Serve Three-Year Terms

Donald Corey, Chair ADFAA2020
Mike Briley P&AA&S2019 
Ben Powell MGTCOB2019 
 Vacant COE 
 Vacant MUS 
Leslie Farison* Library2018
Gary McCullough HS2019
Faculty Senate Representative - Paul Orkiszewski  2018
Office of Research - Robin Tyndall  2020
Small Business and Technology Department    
Interim Provost of Research    
Office of General Counsel - Dayton Cole   


*Leslie Farison (2017-2018) is serving as a substitute for Joyce Ogburn (2017-2020)



Previous Rosters: 

Membership 2016-2017




Faculty Handbook:

7.5.23 Intellectual Property Development Advisory Council

(a) Members on Council: 11-13 – Seven faculty will be recommended by the appropriate deans and will be appointed by the provost and executive vice chancellor as follows: one (1) faculty representative from each of the following University entities: College of Arts and Sciences, Walker College of Business, Reich College of Education, College of Fine and Applied Arts, Hayes School of Music, College of Health Sciences, and Belk Library and Informa-tion Commons. The Faculty Senate will appoint one additional voting member. All faculty will be voting members and will serve 3-year terms. One (1) representative each from Research and Graduate Studies and the Small Business and Technology Development Center will be voting members. A representative from the Office of General Counsel will advise the council upon request. The provost and executive vice chancellor may at her/his discretion appoint up to three (3) additional non-voting members, which may include non-ASU affiliated individuals. All members should be appointed based on her/his area of expertise and commitment to furthering the intellectual property development efforts of both the faculty and University;

(b) report to: chief research officer;

(c) areas of responsibility:
(1) receive and review all intellectual property disclosures made by the faculty and staff to Appalachian State University;
(2) recommend such measures as are necessary to assure prompt and expeditious handling, evaluation, and prosecution of intellectual property opportunities in accordance with approved University procedures;
(3) other duties consistent with the Appalachian State University Intellectual Property Transfer Policy; and
(4) direct questions of intellectual property ownership to the committee charged with hearing faculty grievances.