Library Services Committee 2017 - 2018

 University Committee  --  Faculty Members Serve Three-Year Terms


2017 -  2018DepartmentCollegeTerm
Mary ReichelLIBLIBEx Officio
Jennifer DaltonCSDHS2016 - 2019
Betty CoffeyMGTCOB2016 - 2019
Dave KoppenhaverRESE COE2016 - 2019
Jayjit RoyECOCOB2015 - 2018
Eli BentorARTFAA2015 - 2018
Bo BolickRMPEHS2017 - 2020
Jeff HolcombGJSA&S2017 - 2020
Jennifer LuetkemeyerLESCOE2017 - 2020
Newly PaulCOMFAA2017 - 2020
 Staff Senate Representative  
Paul GrantStaff Senate RepresentativeLIB2016 - 2019
 Staff Senate Representative  
 Undergraduate Student  
 Undergraduate Student  
 Graduate Student  


Previous Membership Lists:

Faculty Handbook: Library Services Committee

(a) Members on Committee: 15–9 faculty, including the dean of the library, 2 students, and 3 staff. The dean of the library shall convene the first meeting and will facilitate the selection of a chair, or co-chairs, from among the members of the committee;

(b) report to: the provost and executive vice chancellor;

(c) areas of responsibility: policies and procedures in the Carol G. Belk Library and Information Commons.