Resolution on the use of Iclickers in Senate.

Appendix O – Faculty Senate Meeting September 11, 2017

Motion FS 17-18/09-01

Resolution on the use of Iclickers in Senate.


Whereas, the Appalachian Faculty Senate has a commitment to sustainable practices, and the use of electronic vote gathering is consonant with that commitment by using less paper in the course of normal Faculty Senate Business;


Whereas, the integrity of vote counting is an essential part of the process of Faculty Senate’s deliberation and reporting and the use of iClickers will ensure that the possibility of mistakes and mis-transcriptions are largely eliminated,


Whereas, it is essential that the Faculty Senate’s time be preserved and time taken to manually count votes (and occasionally recount votes) could be better used for Faculty Senate business and the use of iClickers will allow for automatic vote counting which likely will expedite Faculty Senate’s business;

Be it resolved that, the Faculty Senate approves the use of Iclickers for use in its meetings and authorizes Faculty Senate Leadership to adopt a trial period of utilizing iClickers  and if deemed successful by senate vote to seek to  pursue funding for the amount of $3500 to facilitate the purchase and set-up of the iClickers for said use.