Welfare of Students Committee 2009-2010

The Welfare of Students Committee:

a. deals with problems, or problem areas, that directly affect the general student body and the well-being of every student currently enrolled at Appalachian

b. serves as liaison to bring serious student problems and possible solutions to the attention of the faculty, administration, and student body for the purpose of developing or reformulating policy

c. cooperates with other Appalachian agencies, in particular the Offices of the Vice Chancellor for Student Development, the Director of Auxiliary Services, the chair of the Student Government Association's Student Welfare Committee, the Director of Admissions, and the Registrar, and

d. serves, in some situations, as an investigatory body.

2009 - 2010 Welfare of Students

  • Amy Galloway
  • Rene' Horst
  • Alecia Jackson
  • Susan Jennings
  • Rob Sanders
  • Wendy Winn, Chair
  • Amy Saltmarsh, SGA