About Faculty Senate

The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to serve as the instrument through which the faculty of Appalachian State University considers and acts on university matters. To this end, the Faculty Senate participates in the formation, implementation, and review of university policy.

Next Meeting

Meeting Date: TBD

Meeting Time:  3:15 pm

Meeting Details: RCOE Room 124

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Faculty Senate Suggestions

Learn more about who to contact and how to share a concern that you would like addressed by the Faculty Senate.


February 12, 2024 Meeting Agenda

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January 22, 2024 Meeting Agenda

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IG Greer 224- Reservations Update

As of Summer 2023, any reservations for IG Greer Conference Room 224 should be made through 25Live.  The Faculty Senate Office no longer makes th...

Faculty Club Meetings

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Executive Board

Jacqui Bergman

Jacqui Bergman

(828) 262-7566
Jennifer Zwetsloot

Jennifer Zwetsloot

(828) 262-6800
Stefan Frisch

Stefan Frisch

(828) 262-2056
Randy Reed

Randy Reed