About Faculty Senate

The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to serve as the instrument through which the faculty of Appalachian State University considers and acts on university matters. To this end, the Faculty Senate participates in the formation, implementation, and review of university policy.

Next Meeting

Meeting Date: February 06, 2023  *Special Faculty Senate Meeting

Meeting Time:  3:15 pm

Meeting Details: Zoom Only

Zoom Link:





Faculty Club Meetings

Faculty Club.  All meetings are in the Solarium, except possibly the January 27 time.    All dates are a Friday afternoon fro...

Faculty Senate Summit Recording

We invite you to listen to the recording from our Faculty Senate Summit with Guest Speaker, Dr. Gene Nichol. Link to liste:https://appstate.zoom....

Faculty Senate Governing Documents Under Revision

All of the governing documents are currently under revision. Contact Faculty Senate Chair Louis Gallien with any questions or concerns at gallien...

Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

To access our 2021-2022 Meeting Minutes please visit our website or click here.Our final April 25th Meeting Minutes will not be approved and posted un...

Executive Board


Louis Gallien

(828) 262-7806
Mike Hambourger

Mike Hambourger

(828) 262-2759

Stefan Frisch

(828) 262-2056
Anindita Das

Anindita Das

(828) 262-2028