Faculty Senate Committees

The members of the 2019 - 2020 Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate are Michael Behrent (Chair of the Faculty Senate and Faculty Governance Committee), Andy Koch (Senate Vice Chair and Chair of Committee on Committees), Ben Powell (Senate Secretary), TBD (Parliamentarian),  (Chair of Academic Policies),  (Chair of Budget Committee),  (Chair of Campus Planning), (Chair of Faculty Welfare Committee), (Chair of Campus Technology Committee) and (Chair of Welfare of Students).

The committees of the Faculty Senate are appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate, with the advice and consent of the Faculty Senate.  The chairs of these committees are elected by the membership of the respective committees.  The membership lists are indicated under each respective committee.  Click here to view more information about Faculty Senate Committees. 

Academic PolicyBudgetCampus PlanningCommittee on CommitteesFaculty Welfare and Morale
Welfare of StudentsFaculty GovernanceAgenda CommitteeChancellor Advisory CommitteeCampus Technology Committee

The Faculty Senate may establish, when its members perceive the need to do so, ad hoc (temporary) committees for the purpose of addressing specific and major faculty and/or institutional concerns.