2008-2009 Faculty Handbook Committee

2008-2009 Faculty Handbook Committee

Michael Ramey, Chair, Faculty Senate
Martha Marking, Past Faculty Senate Chair
Wayne Williams, Parliamentarian
Craig Fischer, Senator, English
Paul Gates, Communication
Tony Carey, Ex-Officio, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs


The Faculty Handbook Committee:

a.     maintains oversight of changes to the Faculty Handbook proposed

        by the Faculty Senate and approved or modified by the Chancellor

        or the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

b.     informs the Senate about the progress of Faculty Handbook changes

        from the Chancellor to the Board of Trustees and to the Office of the


c.     works with those responsible for publishing the Faculty Handbook to

        make sure it is widely and easily available to faculty and is up-to-


d.     monitors, as well as advises and informs the Senate regarding all

       proposals for changes in the Faculty Handbook, from wherever they

       originate, and

e.    the composition of the committee includes the Chair of the Faculty

       Senate, the immediate past Senate Chair if he/she continues to be

       employed by the University, or a past Senate Chair who is willing to 

       serve, and two additional faculty members (Senators included), and

       the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (or designated

      representative) shall serve as an ex officio non-voting member. The

      chair of the committee shall be the Chair of the Faculty Senate.