Academic Policy Committee 2001-2002

Academic Policy Committee 2001-2002 Members

  • Paul Gates
  • Kim Hall
  • Steve Simon, Chair
  • Carol Truett


The Committee will meet on Monday, August 27 to discuss the use of the Convocation Center and the freshman progress reports.


  • considers matter of academic policy
  • handles other business which impacts upon academic policy, and
  • serves as liaison to the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee

Tasks for 2001-2002

  • Convocation Center use
  • Progress reports
  • Graduate School Professional Certificates
  • Representative to AP&P
  • Representative to BoT Academic Policies Committee
  • Policy regarding student evaluations
  • Intellectual property document
  • Listing of Chairs up for renewal
  • Voting on-line
  • Promotion and Tenure guidelines
  • Part-Time faculty
  • Core Curriculum representative
  • Human research policies (Bob Johnson)

Annual report from 2001-2002
Annual report from 2000-2001