Academic Policy Committee 2005-2006

Academic Policies Committee 2005 - 2006 Members:

  • Jeffrey Butts (Biology)
  • Jill Ehnenn (English)
  • Tim Huelsman (Psychology)
  • Nancy Mamlin (LRE)

Policies and Procedures on Intellectural Property Transfer

Academic Policies Committee's Annual Report for 2005 - 2006

The Academic Policies (AP) Committee dealt with three major issues this year: Intellectual Property Transfer, Supplemental Pay, and Course Materials Development. Each of these three major issues is described in greater detail below. There are no continuing or pending issues for the AP committee to consider for the 2006-2007 academic year.

Intellectual Property Transfer

The AP Committee worked with Dr. Bob Johnson, Mr. David Larry, Dr. Steve Breiner, and the Technology Transfer Committee to produce an Intellectual Property Transfer document that could be endorsed by Faculty Senate. An initial draft of the document was discussed at the November 14, 2006 Faculty Senate Meeting, with Bob Johnson, Steve Breiner, and David Larry present. A final version of the Policies and Procedures on Intellectual Property Transfer was passed (Motion FS05-06/03-01) by Faculty Senate at the March 20, 2006 meeting.

Supplemental Pay

At the January 9, 2006 meeting, Faculty Senate passed a motion (Vote #2) to refer the Proposed Supplemental Pay Policy to the Academic Policies committee. The AP committee reviewed the proposed policy and prepared a motion for the February 13, 2006 Faculty Senate meeting. That motion (Motion FS05-06/02-01) failed. A subsequent motion from Senator Martha Marking passed (Vote #5), establishing an ad hoc Supplemental Pay Policy committee. That committee presented a report at the April 10, 2006 Faculty Senate meeting, and their motion (Motion 05-06/04-06, Proposal #2) passed.

Course Materials Development

After work with Dr. Bob Johnson and Mr. David Larry, the AP committee presented a motion (FS05-06/04-24/01) to approve the Educational Course Materials Development Agreement (this document is a component of the Policies and Procedures on Intellectual Property Transfer). This motion was passed by Faculty Senate at the April 24, 2006 meeting.