Admissions Committee

University Committee
Faculty Members Serve Three-Year Terms

Current Members:

2009  -  2010
Misti Reese Admissions, Interim Director   Ex Officio
Cheryl Lee FCS FAA 2011
Scott Welsh COM FAA 2011
Sara Zimmerman C&I COE 2010
Carl Tyrie COM FAA 2010
Rick McGarry FLL A&S 2012
Margaret Gregor Library Belk Library 2012
Lauren Estes Undergraduate Student 2010
Ronnie Trogdon Undergraduate Student 2010
Zach Grier Undergraduate Student 2010

Membership Lists:


  • Members on Committee: 9 members consisting of 6 faculty and 3 students. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services and the Director of Admissions shall serve as ex officio non-voting members.  The Director of Admissions will convene the first meeting and facilitate the selection of a chair, or co-chairs, from among the voting members of the committee.
  • Report to: The Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor.
  • Areas of Responsibility: Establish and execute policies governing admissions of undergraduate students and serve as an appeals board for admission cases.