Appalachian State University Faculty Senate Campus Planing Committee 2001 - 2002


  • John Abbott, Chair
  • Trish Allen
  • Janice Pope

Minutes Charge

  • considers matters of faculty concern relating to long-range and physical planning
  • serves as Senate liaison with the Strategic Planning Commission; and
  • investigates problems arising from the condition or management of the physical

Tasks for 2001-2002

  • Representative to University Relations Committee
  • Representative to Foundation Board meeting
  • Representative to BoT Advancement committee
  • Representative to Space Committee
  • Representative to Strategic Planning Commission
  • Recommendations for improvements to Space Committee policies, procedures
  • Regular meetings with Jane Helm
  • Status of Restructuring University recommendations 

2001-2002 Annual Report
Campus Planning Committee
(John Abbott-chair, Trish Allen, and Janice Pope)

Throughout the year,  the Committee attended, as either members or observers, meetings of the Foundation Board, Board of Trustees, Campus Space Committee and Strategic Planning Commission.  Members were present to either represent the faculty through Faculty Senate or to note actions proposed or taken by the boards that are pertinent to the work of the faculty. The Committee met quarterly with Ms. Jane Helm, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs for updates on proposed and on-going capital projects and to discuss areas of University expansion, e.g., the Hickory academic center. A task for the new Senate will be to assess if the Hickory center has resident faculty and how will they be incorporated into faculty governance? The Committee became aware that several archaeological sites had been disturbed by construction. Subsequent discussion resulted in an approved motion that future land-modification project planning include consultation with qualified faculty regarding impacts to cultural and biological resources. These concerns also contributed to the formation of the ad hoc committee on space issues and the Committee chair was a representative to the committee. Recognizing long-standing and worsening communication issues on campus, the Committee presented a motion with guidance for campus units to improve interaction internally and externally, and to post important documents to their web sites. The motion was approved, but action on this recommendation is yet to be realized. The one item among the goals for the year that was not realized was membership for the Faculty Senate on the University relations presence.

Campus Planning Committee
Annual Report

Committee members: John Abbott (chair), Bill Dobson, and Debra Edwards

The Campus Planning Committee met once as a whole during this Senate year. Individual members acted on behalf of the Planning Committee at other times. The Committee focused on the following major concerns:

1. Faculty Senate representation on the following bodies:

  • ASU Space Utilization Committee
  • ASU Strategic Planning Committee

             Outcome:  Chair of Campus Planning Committee named to both committees.

2. Faculty Senate contact with The ASU Foundation and The ASU Board of Trustees.

3. In response to a faculty "concern" that the ASU Board of Trustees' endorsement of the proposed Daniel Boone Parkway will indicate an endorsement by the faculty, requested the Chair of Faculty Senate to discuss with Chancellor Borkowski.

Outcome: The Chancellor informed of the concerns of the faculty regarding the endorsement by the Board of a project about which there is no consensus among the faculty.

4. Concern about the use of the nominal Faculty Senate listserv for too many sundry campus uses.

Outcome: Policy for listserv use completed in draft form for discussion at the April 30, 2001 Faculty Senate meeting.

Concerns for the 2001/2002 Campus Planning Committee:

  • Regular meetings with Jane Helm and other regarding issues pertinent to campus planning, particular new construction plans (Rankin, Library, new recreation building).
  • Faculty concerns about parking when Whitner Lot is closed for library construction.
  • Where are the 'Restructuring the University" report recommendations?