Campus Planning Committee 2005-2006

Campus Planning Committee

2005 - 2006 Members:

Tom Jamison (LES)
Eric Marland (Math)
Harold McKinney (Music)

Campus Planning Committee's Annual Report for 2005 - 2006

This year the Campus Planning Committee addressed several important issues:

1. Parking Fees: Here we deferred to the campus traffic policy committee and supported their motion (as outlined below). The Provost reported to the 04/24/06 Faculty Senate meeting that the proposal could not be implemented.

2. Building Priorities Communication: An uproar was created when R&R money thought to be in short supply was committed to building a pedestrian bridge over Rivers Street. Many thought the bridge is a waste of time and not in the ideal location. The Council of Chairs unanimously passed a motion condemning the project. Campus Planning proposed a motion outlining changes needed to keep the campus community more aware of upcoming and continuing projects. The motion also urged the administration to develop a strategic plan as quickly as possible. Not all portions of the motion were passed (as outlined below) but the major portions did. The portions that were not passed have not been pursued by the committee since they don’t fit well out of the context of the entire motion.

We also met twice with Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Jane Helm and reported back to the Senate. We determined that these meetings were very productive, but that a presentation by her to the full senate at the beginning of the year is also needed. This should be addressed by the new Senate Chair over the summer so that it can be scheduled for the first meeting.

Other items that need to be addressed next year:

1. Campus commitment to Green building and sustainable design.

2. Use of the State Farm property

3. Senate representation on the Campus Traffic Policy Committee

4. Athletic department representation on the Campus Traffic Policy Committee

5. Discovery of the correct name of the Campus Traffic Policy Committee (there seem to be several different names being used)

6. Recycling locations. The committee determined that recycling should not be located in each classroom but that increased accessibility should be investigated.

FS 05-06/02-02 Support for Traffic Policy Committee Resolution

We move that the Faculty Senate support the resolution of the Traffic Policy Committee (as noted herein) and encourage the university to implement those recommendations beginning in the Fall semester of 2006. (passed)

RESOLUTION FROM the Traffic Policy Committee

The North Carolina Supreme Court ruling that forced forfeiture of all parking fine revenue has severely limited the University¹s funds that can be used for maintaining existing campus parking facilities. It is imperative that new funding sources be identified. Consequently, the University Parking and Traffic Committee formally recommends that a percentage of all ticket sales for campus events be designated for ongoing maintenance of campus parking facilities and traffic control capabilities.

This resolution does not suggest that ticket prices be increased to pay for parking. This recommendation is for a transfer of funds from the organizers of events that use the campus parking and traffic control services to reflect the direct and indirect short and long-term costs incurred as a consequence of their event. The committee would suggest five percent as a reasonable proportion of each ticket’s sales price. Those tickets that are not sold but are distributed to those paying certain general fees, for example student athletic tickets, would not be subject to this funds transfer.

Second Resolution from Campus Planning

Whereas we would like to address the recent concerns about several campus building projects, we make the following motion:

It is moved that the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs be invited to attend the first or second faculty senate meeting of the academic year and present the following items to the senate:

1. Current (ongoing or recently completed) construction projects and status 2. New Construction construction projects for the coming year 3. Other projects and initiatives of importance

All projects with a budget over $50,000 would be provided in summary form in writing (electronic) in the Senate agenda, while larger projects would be outlined at the meeting. The projects presented would include projects funded from any source (capital funds, bond money, donations, R&R, etc.). (passed)

In addition, we recommend that a member of the Faculty Senate, perhaps from the Campus Planning Committee, be appointed to serve on the organizing body for Campus Strategic Planning and Annual Review when it is established in the near future. (did not pass)

We also recommend that the Campus Planning Committee continue its meetings with the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs each semester. The committee will then report back to the Senate any changes or updates to projects and initiatives during the year. (passed)

Finally, we recommend that the Council of Chairs pursue similar guidelines to ensure that the campus community remains well-informed of all important projects and initiatives. (did not pass)

As an additional note, we would like to thank Vice Chancellor Helm for her ongoing support of open communication and cooperation. In the past, she has given a presentation to Faculty Senate about ongoing and upcoming building projects. This year, the campus planning committee decided to try a more personal approach by meeting with her directly and reporting back to the senate on key issues. While this approach has been of benefit in some respects, we all (the Vice Chancellor included) feel that the presentation is also useful. In the motion above we have expanded and made specific the types of projects and initiatives we would like to hear about in that presentation. Since there are up to a hundred projects going on at any one time, we feel that this clarification will make it easier for the Vice Chancellor and the Faculty Senate to communicate effectively.