Committee on Committees 2011 - 2012


The Committee on Committees (Faculty Handbook Section 7.2.6):

  1. submits to the Senate, at its April meeting, and at other appropriate times, recommendations for nominations to fill vacancies on university committees;
  2. strives to insure that a nominee serves on no more than one standing university committee per three-year term and has no more than one other university committee assignment (including Faculty Senate committees and university committees);
  3. reviews annually the membership and responsibilities of each of the university committees and periodically conducts detailed reviews of university committee;
  4. determines whether or not each university committee is meeting as often as specified and fulfulling the functions it was created to fulfill;
  5. makes recommendations to the Senate for abolishing, changing and/or adding university committees;
  6. makes recommendations to the Senate for the replacement of members on those university committees on which such members are not accepting their responsibilities, or when vacancies on those committees occur;
  7. handles other business which pertains to committees; and
  8. will solicit names, oversee the voting and the election process for the following year's nominations of Senate officers.
2011 - 2012 Committee on Committees
Dawn Botts, Chair
Tonya Coffey
Mitzi Cook
Andres Fisher
John Stephenson