Faculty Handbook Committee 2005 - 2006 Members:

Faculty Handbook Committee

2005 - 2006 Members:

Michael Moore (History)
Paul Gates (Communications)
Edwin Arnold (English)
Martha Marking (Theater)

Faculty Handbook Committee's Annual Report for 2005 - 2006

Motions FS04-05/02-01,

Reappointment procedures for periodic reopening of the department chair positions. Provost approved.        


Motion FS04-05/04-05

Revision of the Family or Medical Leave for Eligible Faculty members, Certification of Physicians or Practitioner. Provost approved.

Motion FS04-05/04-06

Office Hours reduction (5.4). Provost approved.

Motion FS05-06/12-01

Search committee establishment revision. Provost approved.


Motion FS05-06/12-02 4.5.4

Nominating committee/Chairperson search committee procedural revision Provost approved.

Motion FS05-06/12-04

Diversity charge to nominating/search committee. Provost approved.

Motion FS05-06/12-05

Chairing of search committee in absence of departmental chair.

Provost approved.

Motion FS05-06/12-06

Religious Diversity and student attendance policy (03-04/04-03)

Provost approved.


Motion FS05-06/12-07 5.2

Religious Diversity and faculty absence. Provost approved.

Motion FS05-06/12-08

Recommendation that the Office of Academic Affairs ensure that all department have a policy regarding students’ absence from the first two meetings days. Provost approved. 

Motion FS05-06/12-09

Core Curriculum Committee Chair.

Provost approved beginning Fall 2006.

Motion FS 05-06/02-03, Motion 05-06/03-02, Motion 05-06/03-03

EOA elections. Dr. Arnold is crafting statement regarding proposed amendments to the Faculty Constitution, Article III, Section 2 and Section 3, to be put to a vote at the 2006 Fall Faculty meeting.

Other items still pending: clarification of Departmental Assistant

Chair responsibilities.