Faculty Welfare and Morale Committee 2007-2008

Faculty Welfare and Morale Committee 2007 - 2008 Members

  • Ellen Carpenter FCS
  • Beth Davison, Chair SOC
  • Craig Fischer ENG
  • Vicky Grube ART
  • Allan Scherlen Library

Faculty Handbook:

7.2.7 Committee on Welfare and Morale

The Committee on Welfare and Morale:

a. monitors in all areas of fringe benefits and provides representation by three committee members on the Faculty/Staff Benefits Committee;

b. coordinates and participates in the orientation program for new faculty members and spouses; and

c. handles other business that pertains to faculty welfare and morale.


The following issues were addressed by the committee:

1. The committee was asked to evaluate the current childcare opportunities for faculty, staff, and students on campus. Response submitted by Dr. Ellen Carpenter:

Quality child care is a major issue in Watauga County, especially for children under the age of three. ASU has two high-quality five-star rated programs on campus. ASU Child Development Center is a child care program for 70 children of ASU students, staff and faculty (infants through five years olds). Because of student development funding, half of the spaces in each of the five classrooms at ASU Child Development Center are reserved and used for the children of students. Currently: 8 infants, 10 one year olds, 15 two year olds, 15 three year olds, and 20 four year olds. Student spaces have the most turnover. Most children of faculty and staff stay in the program until kindergarten. For this reason, few new positions are open each year for faculty or staff children.

Lucy Brock Child Development Lab Program is a laboratory program used by students across campus serving 30 children of students, staff, faculty, and the local community (infants through five year olds). As a laboratory program, care is taken to have an equal number of boys and girls enrolled and 2 spots are reserved for children with disabilities in each classroom. Currently: Lucy Brock Upstairs Classroom--12 total children (3 infants, 4 one year olds, and 5 two year olds) and Lucy Brock Downstairs Classroom--18 total children (9 three year olds and 9 four year olds). Because most children stay in the program until kindergarten, there are few openings to admit 3 or 4 new children each year. Generally, 3 infants, 1 one-year old, 1 two-year old, and 4 preschool children.

2. The committee was asked to consider issues surrounding university support for trailing spouses. We were also asked to discuss the issue of spouses working in the same department and the possible power dynamics that situation creates for DPC considerations.

The concerns surrounding spousal hiring were discussed at several committee meetings. The committee decided to table the issues in hopes that the newly created Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs will address them as part of the new job position. As announced at the Faculty Senate meeting on November 12th, the position calls for the Vice Provost to work closely with the senate on faculty support services including trailing spouse issues.

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (Draft Job Description)

3. Part Time Faculty Benefits. Response submitted by Craig Fischer:

Dr. Craig Fischer represented the Faculty & Welfare Committee by serving on the University Non-Tenure-Track Committee. In regards to raises and benefits, the committee was told that improvements have been made and that Appalachian State University is at pace with sister institutions.

4. Dean’s Evaluations. Response submitted by Beth Davison:

Dean Evaluations were completed for Mary Richel (University Librarian), Bob Lyman (College of Arts & Sciences) and Randy Edwards (College of Busines). The reading committees for each Dean’s evaluation was chaired by a Faculty Senator. Additional members of the reading committees consisted of a Chair from within the college, a Chair from outside of the college and one Faculty member from within the college.

In November 2007, the Office of Research and Planning sent out the online evaluations to all faculty members from the three colleges and compiled the results. Each reading committee met to summarize the evaluation results and then presented the results in a joint meeting with the Dean and the Provost.



Faculty Senator (CHAIR)

Vickie Grube (ART)

Inside  Chair

John Abbott (LIB)

Outside Chair

Alexandra Hellenbrand (FL)

Faculty Member from Inside College

Glen Ellen Starr-Stilling (LIB)



Faculty Senator (CHAIR)

Allan Scherlen (LIB)

Inside  Chair

Jim Young (GHY)

Outside Chair

Paul Gaskill (HLES)

Faculty Member from Inside College

Brad Nash (SOC)



Faculty Senator (CHAIR)

Craig Fischer (ENG)

Inside  Chair

Stella Anderson (MGT)

Outside Chair

Rich Culatta (LRE)

Faculty Member from Inside College

Peter Groothuis (ECO)

5.  Adding Gender Identity and Gender Express to the University’s EEO policy. Response submitted by Beth Davison:

The committee was asked to consider adding Gender Identity and Gender Expression to the university non-discrimination policy. The committee moved to make a formal motion to do so in Faculty Senate. The motion was passed by the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Welfare and Morale

Right thing to do

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

6. OCSA Policies. Response submitted by Beth Davison:

The committee was asked by an individual faculty member to consider changes to the existing OCSA policies. The faculty member had been denied an OCSA and was given the explanation that s/he could not be on OCSA the same year as being considered for tenure. The committee reviewed the OCSA policy as written in the faculty handbook and decided that as stated, nothing in the policy would prohibit the individual from receiving OCSA leave if approved by department chair and administration. The committee felt the individual’s issue was more of a grievance issue and did not recommend any changes to current OCSA policies.

7. Non-Smoking Policy. Craig Fischer represented the Faculty & Welfare Committee by serving on the Non-Smoking Policy Taskforce. The following was reported to Faculty Senate:

Faculty Welfare and Morale

8. Employee Discounts. Response submitted by Beth Davison:

The committee was asked to consider encouraging local merchants to offer employee discounts similar to student discounts. The committee had no objection to the idea of encouraging more employee discounts in the local community. However, the committee was not willing to take on the task, but decided to encourage the individual who submitted the idea to draft a letter to send out to merchants. Craig Fischer offered to help edit a draft of the letter. Status of letter is unknown at the time this report was filed and a follow-up is expected in the Fall 2008.