Motions & Resolutions - 2000-2001

FS ActionProvostChancellorBoard of Trustees
05-01Proposed changes to the Post-Tenure Review ProcedureApproved   
 Support proposed "Statement on Reassigned Time for Scholarly Activities"Approved   
09-01Tuition Increase/Faculty SalariesApproved   
 Table the proposal that the Graduate School have a representative serve as a non-voting ex-officio member on the Patent & Copyright Committee until further information was obtained by the Academic Policy CommitteeApproved   
 Dissolve the Merit Pay Ad-hoc CommitteeApproved   
10-01Faculty Handbook - EOAs (see 11/01)Failed   
10-02Faculty Handbook -Appointment RecommendationsApproved   
10-03AFaculty Handbook 4.3.1 - Teaching PortfoliosApproved   
10-03BFaculty Handbook 4.3.2 - Peer Classroom ObservationsApproved   
10-03CFaculty Handbook 4.3.3 - Post-tenure Review Approved   
10-04Whether DPCs or Search Committees should inform faculty of their recommendation(s) for hire when delivered to the Department Chair Tabled   
10-05Faculty Handbook - Periodic Reopening of the Department Chair PositionApproved 11/13/00   
11-01Faculty Handbook - EOAsApproved   
11-02Faculty Handbook,, & - Faculty/chair search nominationsApproved   
11-03Faculty Handbook Chapter 5Approved   
11-04Faculty Handbook Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 Approved   
11-05Faculty Office HoursApproved 1/8/01   
11-06Ad-hoc Committee on Merit PayApproved 12/4/00   
12-01Endorse 10/16 draft of Academic Integrity CodeApproved   
12-02Eliminate textbook rental systemApproved   
12-03ASU to see other options for low cost books & course materialApproved   
01-01101-1310 moniesApproved   
01-02Workload Committee: Faculty Handbook 5.1.2 - Teaching, Scholarship & Creative Activities, and ServiceApproved   
01-03Workload Committee: Faculty Handbook - Class Load EquivalentsApproved1/10/05 Current resources are not sufficient to enable the implementation of these guidelines. Moreover, I have concerns that the guidelines are not related to how we are funded.  
01-04Support of the Chancellor in regard to tuition increase ApprovedApprovedApprovedApproved
 Rescind previous motion 9900/12-03 (faculty office hours)Approved   
 Remove the department chair from DPCFailed   
02-01Appalachian's new libraryApproved   
02-02Faculty Handbook 4.8.2(a) - DPC compositionApproved   
03-01February 2001 draft of Academic Integrity CodeApproved   
03-02Faculty Handbook - Appointment with permanent tenureApproved   
03-03Establish ad-hoc committee to study structure, policies, and practices of DPCs at AppalachianApproved   
03-04Opposition to Governor's Directive regarding retirement plan Approved   
 Amend 01-02 Section   
04-01Faculty Handbook - Appointment of Deans with Permanent TenureApproved   
04-02American Disabilities ActApproved   
04-03Reassigned time for Faculty Senate chairApproved   
04-04Creation of Faculty Senate standing committee called Faculty Handbook Committee (see 04-04a2)Tabled to 4/30/01   
 Table action on Equity Office and Grievance Process until AugustApproved   
04b-01Evaluate Procedures, Expectations, and Staffing of AppHouse and NY LoftApproved   
 Untable 04-04Approved   
04-04a2Creation of Faculty Handbook CommitteeApproved   
 Examine operation of Traffic Management/Safety Committee Approved   
 Examine role/operation of the Academic Integrity Board Approved   
 Move bus stops outside WhitenerApprovedApprovedApproved 
 Informal charging of Senate business via the Cabinet Failed   
 New mission statementApproved