Registration and Calendar Committee 2018 - 2019

University Committee  --  Faculty Members Serve Three-Year Terms 

2018 -  2019DepartmentCollegeTerm
Michael RallADFAA2016 - 2019
Anna WardRESECOE2016 - 2019
Donna LillianENGA&S2017 - 2020
Suzanne ArnholtMATA&S2018 - 2021
Patrick RardinP&RA&S2018 - 2021
Michael Mayfield*GHY (PLN)A&S2017 - 2020
 Kevin Delgado-ValentinStaff Senate Representative 2018 - 2021
 Geralyn MitchellStaff Senate Representative 2018 - 2021
Timothy JamesController's Office Representative  
Debbie RaceRegistrar Ex Officio
J. J. BrownStudent Development Ex Officio
Mark BachmeierHRS Ex Officio
Amy SandersConferences and Camp Services Ex Officio
Alexis PopeAdmissions Ex Officio

Lynette Orbovich

Summer Sessions Ex Officio
Brian TracyAthletics Ex Officio
Nikki CreesOrientation and Advising Ex Officio
 Undergraduate Student 2018 - 2019
Shania DanielGraduate Student 2018 - 2019
*Michael Mayfield was given a special faculty appointment by the Faculty Senate on September 11, 2017, Motion FS 17-18/09-03. Registration and Calendar Committee

(a) Members on Committee: 10–5 faculty, 2 staff, 2 students (one undergraduate and one graduate), and 1 representative from the Controller’s Office, and the following seven ex-officio members: Dean of Students, representatives from Human Resource Services, Conferences and Institutes, Admissions, Summer Sessions, Athletics, and Academic Advising. The Registrar and a representative from Academic Affairs shall serve as an ex-officio non-voting members. The Registrar will convene the first meeting, and will facilitate the selection of a chair, or co-chairs, from among the members of the committee;

(b) report to: the provost and executive vice chancellor;

(c) areas of responsibility: policies governing registration, academic scheduling, and the calendar.