Tuition Appeals Committee

             2018-2019 Membership List

2018-2019 Members College/Department Term  
Mike MadritchA&S2016-2019
Moriah Stegall*COE2016-2019
Sarah DonovanHS2018-2021
Jeff ForemanCOB2018-2021
Beth WattsOffice of Transfer Services 2018-2021
Angela DaughertyOffice of Student Financial Aid   2018-2021
Adam WarrenStudent Learning Center 2016-2019
Timothy JamesUniversity TreasurerEx-Officio
Debbie RaceUniversity RegistrarEx-Officio

 *Moriah Stegall (COE) is serving from Spring 2018-Spring 2019 as a replacement for Kim Priode (HS) Tuition Appeals Committee
Members on Committee: 7 members consisting of 4 faculty and 3 staff. The four faculty shall
represent four different colleges. The three staff shall represent the Learning Assistance Program,
Office of Financial Aid, and Office of Transfer Services. The Registrar and University Treasurer shall
serve as ex-officio members. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and
Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs will convene the first meeting and facilitate the
selection of a chair, or co-chairs, from among the voting members of the committee. The committee
reports to the provost and executive vice chancellor.
Areas of Responsibility: Review and make decisions on appeals for tuition surcharge and tuition
and fee refunds based upon evidence of “Other extraordinary hardship—.“ Hardship of any kind
which, despite responsible handling, resulted in the substantial disruption or interruption of the
student’s pursuit of a degree.





Previous Rosters: 

2016-2017 Membership List

2016-2017 Members College/Department Term  
Mike MadritchA&S2016-2019
Kim PriodeHS2016-2019
Neel DasCOB2014-2017
Jenna ReedOffice of Transfer Services2014-2017
Laura Sullivan 2015-2018
Adam Warren 2016-2019
Timothy JamesUniversity TreasurerEx-Officio
Debbie RaceUniversity RegistrarEx-Officio