Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee 2018-2019

University Committee - Faculty Members Serve Three-Year Terms

Meetings are held from 3:00 p.m. -  5:00 p.m. in the Strickland Conference Room 224 I.G. Greer unless otherwise indicated.

2018 - 2019 Meeting Dates
 October 3, 2018
 November 7, 2018
 December 5, 2018
 January 16, 2019
 February 6, 2019
 March 13, 2019
 April 3, 2019
 May 1, 2019


2018 - 2019
Ben Alexander-Eitzman*SWHS 2016-2019
Jon BeebeMUSMUS 2016-2019
John WiswellLIBLIB 2017-2020
C.A. DebeliusSTBEFAA 2017-2020
Ben PowellMGTCOB 2017-2019
Shanan FittsC&ICOE 2017-2020
Joe KleinCSDHS 2017-2020
Teressa SumrallFCSCOE 2016-2019
Christina HayesMUSMUS 2017-2020
Jason MillerSTBEFAA 2018-2021
Jamie LevineGESA&S 2018-2021
Tanga MohrECOCOB 2018-2021
Jeff HirstMATA&S 2018-2021
Ellen CowanGLYA&S 2017-2019
Courtney McGahee**P&AA&S 2018-2021
 Undergraduate Student  2018-2019
 Undergraduate Student  2018-2019
Non-Voting Members   
Julie HayesSecretary for AP&PAcademic Affairs 
Mark GinnVice Chancellor Academic Affairs and University CollegeEx-Officio
Dru HensonAssociate DeanA&SEx-Officio
Sam FormbyAssociate DeanCOBEx-Officio
Nickolas JordanAssociate DeanCOEEx-Officio
IlaSahai ProutyAssociate DeanFAAEx-Officio
Jay JacksonAssociate DeanMusicEx-Officio
Denise LevyAssociate DeanHealth SciencesEx-Officio
Robert SandersAssociate DeanGraduate SchoolEx-Officio
Cindy BarrAssoc. Vice ChancellorEnrollment MangagementEx-Officio
Patty Dale Registrar's OfficeEx-Officio 
Debbie Race Registrar's OfficeEx-Officio
Lynne WaughAcademic AdvisingUniversity CollegeEx-Officio
Kristin HyleGeneral EducationUniversity CollegeEx-Officio
Terry RawlsExecutive DirectorDistance EducationEx-Officio

Marie Hoepfl

ChairGraduate AP&PEx-Officio

Shanan Fitts

Faculty Senate Liaison 2018-2019


*Ben Alexander-Eitzman is serving as a replacement for Teresa Carnevale for the remainder of her term (Spring 2018-Spring 2019)

**Courtney McGahee is serving as a replacement for Jon Carter for the remainder of his term (Fall 2018-2021)



The faculty composition for AP&P based on percentage of FTE provided by Institutional Research and Planning for 2017 - 2018 are: 4 from A&S; 2 from COB; 2 from COE; 2 from FAA; 2 from HS; 2 from Music; and 1 from Library.

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Previous Membership Lists:

Faculty Handbook: Undergraduate Academic Policies And Procedures Committee
(a) Members on Committee: 17–15 faculty and 2 undergraduate students. The student membership (one-year term) shall include two undergraduate students as voting members. The student members shall be selected by the Student Government Association. The students will serve as liaison between the Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee and the Student Government Association. The faculty voting members of Undergraduate AP&P shall include at least one faculty member from each college or school (with the exception of the Graduate School and University College), and the Library, with additional faculty members based on the current proportions of full-time equivalent (FTE) faculty. The ex-officio non-voting membership of Undergraduate AP&P shall include one person from each of the following areas: dean’s office in each college/school, one member from the Faculty Senate’s Academic Policy Committee, one member from the provost and executive vice chancellor’s office, Registrar, Distance Education, Academic Advising, and General Education. The provost and executive vice chancellor, or his/her designee, will convene the first meeting and facilitate the selection of a chair, or co-chairs, from among the voting members of the committee;

(b) the Undergraduate AP&P Committee will send out its agenda to all faculty at least six working days prior to a meeting;

(c) report to: the provost and executive vice chancellor;

(d) areas of responsibility: The major area of responsibility shall be the curriculum. Other areas are: academic policies, advanced placement; graduation requirements; hearing appeals concerning academic matters from any college/school, department, member of the faculty, or students and matters referred to it by the provost and executive vice chancellor or the chancellor.