Welfare of Students Committee 2005-2006

Welfare of Students Committee 2005 - 2006 Members:

  • Colin Ramsey (English)
  • Patrick Rardin (Philosophy & Religion)
  • Allan Scherlen (Library)
  • Steve Smith (Communication)

Welfare of Students Committee's Annual Report for 2005 - 2006

1. Develop good informational lines of communication with Alcohol Awareness programs.

2. Review/Recommend about the Freshmen Summer reading program. How does it work? How well does it add to learning? Is it necessary to always connect it to Convocation? Does this make Convocation an apparent extension of the Freshmen Reading program?

3. Review Athletes’ education curriculums. Are they appropriate to an Appalachian education?

The committee submitted reports on all items. One recommendation was submitted in connection with the third item.